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Deposits on surfaces change the optical properties there, and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) measures these changes with very high resolution. The basics of the technique have been known and proven for decades and offer additional performance and analytical possibilities in the further development of BioNavis.

BioNavis' Multiparametric SPR (MP-SPR) extends the traditional use for kinetic analysis of molecular bonds to crude media such as cell culture supernatants and thus finds application in protein analysis especially in biotechnological processes. The additional robustness of MP-SPR required for this purpose facilitates assay development and data analysis, thus allowing measurements on cells, viruses, exosomes and nanoparticles in general.  

In materials science analysis of coatings of all types, from a few angstroms to a few micrometers, the MP-SPR provides a highly sensitive measurement methodology.    

What is technically behind the MP-SPR and why you can use it to measure more and differently can be found here.


Products and Services

Together with BioNavis we stand for solutions around MP-SPR, excellent support and high quality results. In addition to the MP-SPR instruments, a variety of sensors and extensive accessories are available. You can use the possibilities of MP-SPR in your own laboratory or within the scope of our project services. 

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Better to have your own MP-SPR instrument or a service measurement? And which of the instruments best fits your needs, where are there overlaps in functionality, and how do you make the most of your budget? Applications are challenging and vary widely, and choosing the right tool can be quite complex. Call us to discuss your specific applications and needs!

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Multi-parametric SPR makes very comprehensive use of the physical phenomenon SPR. This is done in the actual measurement and is complemented with the variety of available sensors and flow cells. This brings special advantages and new possibilities for many analyses ...