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Navi MP-SPR Instruments

The flexibility and throughput requirements of your MP-SPR-NaviTM spectrometer can vary as much as budgets. The family of six MP-SPR-NaviTM instruments offers a wide range for life science and materials science applications. Incidentally, the instruments are named after wild animals from the Finnish tundra.

All instruments come with PureKineticsTM software for automatic bulk effect compensation for better data quality and more robust assays. Depending on whether you work more on binding kinetics or layering, TraceDrawer and LayerSolverTM evaluation packages are available for data analysis.  The optional additional wavelengths are an exclusive feature of the MP-SPR-NaviTM family.

An RI-matched elastomer on the prism ensures that the sensors are very easy to change and can be investigated with additional methods (AFM, microscopy) if required.  Simple handling, robust design and the resulting easy maintenance ensure favorable operating costs.

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Better to have your own MP-SPR instrument or a service measurement? And which of the instruments best fits your needs, where are there overlaps in functionality, and how do you make the most of your budget? Applications are challenging and vary widely, and choosing the right tool can be quite complex. Call us to discuss your specific applications and needs!

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