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The core element of an MP-SPR measurement is the sensor. A varienty of different surfaces are available that are specifically designed for use on the MP-SPR Navi™ devices with the MP-SPR Navi™ sensor holder.

Beyond the listed variants, we offer custom coatings.



Iron Sensors:
Au, Cu, Al, Ag, Pt, Rh, Ni, Cr

Anorganic Sensors: 
SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, ITO, ZNS, HfO2

Functionalized Sensors: 
CMD-3D, CMD-2D, biotin, avidin, NTA, protein A/G

Custom Sensors:
e.g. PS, PET, PP, cellulose, carbon nanotubes (CNT), HA ... 


For details on availability and package sizes, please visit our shop or contact us.


Flow Cells

Special MP-SPR flow cells are available for many different applications. Here we provide an overview, for further details please contact us.

Standard Flow Cells

SPR301 - Standard Flow Cell,
made of Poly-(Dimethyl-Siloxan), PDMS. 2 Channels, average inlet diameter, Volume 1 µl.

SPR305-MS - Flow Cell for Materials Science,
made of Polyetheretherketon (PEEK). 2 Channels, large inlet diameter, Volume 1 µl.

SPR302-LS - Flow Cell for Life Science and fast Cinetic Studies,
2 Channels, small inlet diameter, Volume 1 µl.

SPR340 - Standard 4-Channel Flow Cell for 420A ILVES and 410A KAURIS

Special Flow Cells

SPR321-EC - Electrochemical Flow Cell,
for simultaneous acquisition of optical (MP-SPR) and electrochemical data. Potentiometer may be required.

SPR330-HR - Flow Cell with high chemical inertness. 
Made of PEEK and Kairez, for use with harsh solvents.
One Channel, Volume 100µl 

SPR310-GS - Gas Flow Cell.
For low pressure gas supply. Gas mixer may be required.

SPR303-C /SPR343-C - Flow Cell for work with living cells.

SPR305-Cust - Custom Flow Cells
Material: PEEK and Kalrez. Custom inlet diameter. Single or dual Channel, each with different volumes.

SPR323-Cust - Custom flow cells with additional optical inlets,
e.g. measurement of light induced effects or fluorescence.


MP-SPR Navi ControlTM and MP-SPRTM Navi DataViewer

The software packages for instrument control and data viewing with simple analysis functions come as standard with all MP-SPR Navi instruments. The raw data can be exported as required.

For data analysis, depending on the applicationm the LayerSolverTM packages for automatic layer thickness calculation or the TraceDrawer package for analysis of bond kinetics are recommended.


The software package for in-depth analysis of kinetic data provides information on affinity and binding kinetics, comparison of different experiments and convenient reporting. Historical data from a wide range of manufacturers can also be imported and processed here for comparison. The software comes as a license for 3 PCs and is valid indefinitely.


The software package for layer thickness analysis utilizes the raw data from measurements at different wavelengths and directly provides the values for the refractive index and the layer thickness. The analysis of multilayers is included as well as modeling of corresponding SPR curves. The software comes as a license for 3 PCs and is valid indefinitely.

Talk to an Expert!

Better to have your own MP-SPR instrument or a service measurement? And which of the instruments best fits your needs, where are there overlaps in functionality, and how do you make the most of your budget? Applications are challenging and vary widely, and choosing the right tool can be quite complex. Call us to discuss your specific applications and needs!

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Multi-parametric SPR makes very comprehensive use of the physical phenomenon SPR. This is done in the actual measurement and is complemented with the variety of available sensors and flow cells. This brings special advantages and new possibilities for many analyses ...