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Multi-parametric SPR offers a comprehensive use of the physical phenomenon SPR, be it in the actual measurement, the variety of available sensor surfaces or special flow cells. This brings special advantages for many analyses.

MP-SPR can record the complete SPR curve over a wide angular range with the special goniometric arrangement of laser and detector. This, together with the equipment of up to four wavelengths, allows the application of  mathematical models in data analysis that can capture many parameters beyond the angular shift in a narrow range of the intensity minimum (like traditional SPR). Special software packages allow even the layman to perform the appropriate analyses from these extensive raw data. 

For example, in the kinetic analysis of molecular interactions, this allows automatic compensation of the bulk effect (PureKinetics) and thus work in complex matrices such as cell culture supernatant or serum. In general, this robustness facilitates and accelerates method development and data analysis.  



In addition, this enables work with larger structures such as membranes, cells, viruses, exosomes or nanoparticles in research, development and QC.

In the development of biosensors, the extensive choice of available sensor surfaces helps, because the analysis of sensor binding can usually be performed directly on the surface that will be required later, which increases relevance and minimizes transfer efforts.

Finally, relevant for material sciences is the possibility to analyze with MP-SPR highly sensitive even the thinnest layers and ablations (from a few Ångström up to some micrometers), and this without e.g. water artifacts. Measurements in air or in liquid phases are possible.

Appropriately optimized flow cells are available for the applications mentioned, including very special ones for e.g. electrochemical effects or the coupling of additional optical channels such as light excitation or fluorescence.     



Life Sciences: Robust Cinetics and Quantification
  • automatic compensation of the bulk effect with the PureKineticsTM function
  • kinetic measurements, kon, koff, kd, and label-free quantification even in critical matrices such as
  • cell culture supernatant or serum
  • accelerated assay development and data evaluation through more robust data
  • measurements on cells, viruses, exosomes, nanoparticles
  • extensive range of sensors with customization options
  • special flow cells for combined analyses
  • service measurements and projects
Materials Science: High Sensitive Coating Thickness Analyses
  • Layer thickness analyses from a few Ångström to a few micrometers
  • measurement in gas or liquid
  • maximum sensitivity due to up to four wavelengths
  • independent determination of film thickness and refractive index
  • no hydration artifacts
  • wide range of sensors with customization options
  • special flow cells for combined analyses
  • service measurements and projects


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